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How can we add support for environment factors into Phased Array System Toolbox.

Hi I checked phased array system tool box but there is one concern that I have.

It supports free space propagation. I would however like to take atmospheric conditions into considerations. How can I achieve that with Phased Array System toolbox.


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1 Answer

Answer by Honglei Chen
on 13 Jun 2013
 Accepted Answer

Hi Anunay,

Currently the atmospheric condition is not considered. Could you be more specific about what kind of atmospheric condition you want to model? Is it beam bending or something else?

As a workaround for now, if you currently have a function that models your desired behavior, you can simply replace the free space propagation module with your own function in the simulation. The input and output are just simple double arrays.



Hi I don't have any functions with me as such which can help me with the environment. Since Fidelity is a concern for us and would like to use some existing standard libraries. Is there any such library present out there that we can use here? Also while discussing this internally in the team, MODTRAN and RADTRAN came up. There is limited documentation available for either of them and as such I could not get much out of them but in case you have worked on it and if they can be integrated with Phased Array Toolbox?

I haven't used any of these so I cannot be much help here. As to the integration part, as long as the 3rd party library provides the signal vector, you should be able to plug it into the toolbox.

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