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Powergui scope does not show scope

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shalaka sitre
shalaka sitre on 1 Apr 2021
Closed: Sabin on 2 Oct 2023
I made a new simulink model with rectifier and inverter and powergui. i logged the data in the workspace but somehow only the previous scope data shows in the p[owergui input signal.
the scope input of the new model doesnot show up. i dont know why???
shalaka sitre
shalaka sitre on 1 Apr 2021
so i made one simanulation of a multidrive system before consisting of 20 drives oin parallel. and recorded the THD of the system using powergui with input scopes from all the drives.
Then i went ahead and designed this srive as a single unit but the powergui doesnt seem to get the input from the scopes present oin this simulation.
i only get input data from the scopes of the previous simulation , even after refereshing it it doesnt comeup!
i dnt knw what to do

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