how to save the outputs obtained by a for loop repeated n times

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i built a for loop that works N times and in each loop produces as an output a matrix (6x3), i need to save every output in a matrix by column (6xN*3).
In my example the for loop is shown below and "tot" give to me only the last result of the loop.
PS. Just to let you knok "Tin" is a table that contains some data
function [Tout ] =Trasporta(Tin)
for group = 1:4:size(Tin,2)
[ordine(:,group), idx(:,group)] = sortrows(Tin{:,group});
% my question is about the for below
tot = nan(6,18); %N=6 N*3=18 the number of rows is 6, and the loop is repeated for 6 times
for i = 1:4:size(idx,2)
tot = (Tin{idx(:,i),i+1:i+3});

Accepted Answer

per isakson
per isakson on 5 Apr 2021
Edited: per isakson on 5 Apr 2021
tot is overwritten in each iteration of the for-loop
tot = (Tin{idx(:,i),i+1:i+3});
tot(:,i) = (Tin{idx(:,i),i+1:i+3});

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