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how to create customized curve ( only know the shape )

Asked by Yuji Zhang on 18 Jun 2013

Hi everyone~

I wanna turn couple curves (see pic above) into data in matlab. There are weird functions. All I have is the plots.

It's OK if I can just get some data that looks similar to those curves.

Is there a way to create such customized data? Any imaging processing tool to turn pictures of plots into data?

Let me know. Any thoughts are appreciated. Thanks~


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2 Answers

Answer by bym
on 18 Jun 2013

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Hi Proecsm!

Thanks for sharing! It worked pretty nicely!

Just curious about a further question: is there something that can automatically recognize the curve in the image? I think it's an image processing question - I'm not very familiar...

Let me know. Any discussion's appreciated~

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Answer by Pourya Alinezhad on 18 Jun 2013

yes...there is a programme which accepts images and returned data... named "data_from_graph_1v0" it's about 300kb and i can mail it to u...


Hi Pourya~

It's so nice of you to offer! Could you please mail it to

proecsm recommended the code It worked. But still I wanna take a look at a different code - maybe a different approach.

Thanks a lot~

gmail dosn't accept .exe files as attachments... give me an other email address... not hosted by gmail ... this is a full application and just for the purpose you mentioned.

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