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how to make sgtitle to display the titles at the left side of the montage?

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hp on 8 Apr 2021
sgtitle displays the title at the center and i have a variable which contains multiple titles that has to display horizontally on top instead the titles are tiling up one below the other .. and displayed at the back end of the image and are not visible .plz help me how to display horizontally above the montage or how to place the title at the left side using sgtitle... kindly help .Iam attaching the figure which displays title at the backside of the image.
here is my code
and iam attcahing two figures in which how sgtitle has displayed the titles plz check... when there are more classes titles are occluded and not visible.. and all the titles are displayed one below the other... but i wanted it sequentialy one beside the other.. plz help me. or atleast at the left side.

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