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How to deal with table

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Hi All, I have table, named as newT consisting of data value and position(latitude and longitude). What I want to do is:
  1. How to delete empty cell in the table?
2. How to some operationss with them? each cell in each grid contains, I want to do sum operation (for example in the figure above: 16+57+202......) and average in each rows. Then, the calculation is the same for all grids.
Any helps is greaty appreciated.
Thank you

Accepted Answer

Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 12 Apr 2021
Removing entries that have empty exData:
mask = cellfun(@isempty, newT.exData);
newT(mask,:) = [];
If I understand correctly, each row of exData contains a cell array that contains cells with variable number of numeric entries. If so then
result1 = cellfun(@(C) cellfun(@sum, C), newT.exData, 'uniform', 0)
The result would be a cell array with one entry for each row in newT, and the entries would be vectors that were the sums. If you then wanted to take the average of those sums, then
result2 = cellfun(@mean, result1)
which would give you a numeric vector, one entry per row in newT.
Ahmad Bayhaqi
Ahmad Bayhaqi on 13 Apr 2021
Thank you so much for your great help.
I get inspiration from your answer.
Big thanks

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