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Best way(s) to master MATLAB?

Asked by Jason
on 23 May 2011
Latest activity Commented on by Stephen Cobeldick on 14 Jan 2016

Now, I am still a novice when it comes to programming. I believe MATLAB is definitely a great programming tool, one that I can play with, particularly, when I have free time.

I would love to hear from all answerers, what are the ways that can make one proficient in this field?


Thank you everyone! All great and helpful answers, but I have to pick and accept one, and so I am choosing the one with the most votes.

This isn't actually structured as a tutorial, but I tagged it as such because it contains information that should (ideally) be placed in to a tutorial.

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10 Answers

Answer by Arnaud Miege
on 23 May 2011
 Accepted Answer

If you prefer to learn in a more structured/classroom environment, I would recommend the training courses from MathWorks:

Obviously, pick the ones that apply to what you want to do.

There are also some (free) interactive tutorials available on the MathWorks web site.



Appreciate the prompt reply, but I think I will have to resort to self-learning for the time being. Thanks!

OK. There are also various books that can help:

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Answer by Fangjun Jiang on 23 May 2011

If you already have Matlab installed, type 'demo' in Matlab command window. Select 'Matlab' at the left column and you'll see three videos available for jump start. After that, type 'doc' and then find 'Matlab','Getting Started'. I taught myself Matlab this way.

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Thank you, Fangjun Jiang, yes, I already have MATLAB installed. A vote for you for your input.

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Answer by Loginatorist on 23 May 2011

In addition to the recommendation of others:

I highly recommend the book, " Mastering MATLAB " by Duane Hanselman. This book takes the reader through the basics and covers advanced topics with many, many examples.

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Thanks, another Matt!

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Answer by Matt Tearle
on 23 May 2011

  1. What everyone else said. (Especially training & tutorials. Disclaimer: I'm not entirely impartial!)
  2. Read blogs like Loren on the Art of MATLAB.
  3. Play around on something like Project Euler.

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Thanks, Matt!

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Answer by Andrew Newell
on 23 May 2011

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Thank you for the link to the post, Andrew. I will bookmark it for my reference!

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Answer by Bjorn Gustavsson on 23 May 2011

In addition to the above: Browse/play through "all" demos.

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Thank you Bjorn!

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Answer by Sean de Wolski
on 23 May 2011

ending = 'Answers/CSSM posts';
  • ['Reading ' ending]
  • ['trying/understanding others'' replies on ' ending]
  • ['Replying to others'' posts on ' ending]
  • Browsing the FEX

I'm pretty much self taught in MATLAB from the above.

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Thanks for the input, Sean!

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Answer by Marc
on 31 Jul 2013

Is it improper to answer a question with a question??

One can Master Matlab??

All of these links are very nice. I thought with the change of the help documentation in 2012b, bumping this to the front my be useful to some newcomers.


For varying levels of "master". I guess my feeling on it is that you have MATLAB "mastered" when you can use it quickly and effectively achieve your goals.

Even if you can't make the biggest and baddest regular expression on the first try :)

Well, the biggest regexp is not always a marker of mastery -> huh?

But it allows performing computations based on the wiki about sea urchins, which is not uninteresting .. I guess. ;-)

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Answer by Rick Rosson
on 15 Mar 2012


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Answer by K E
on 19 Apr 2012

Get to know a Matlab expert if there is one around who can help you when you are stuck. In my school the older students helped the new students.


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