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matlab complier: Cannot use imshow, imfilter etc in exported Dll

Asked by manhon
on 26 Jun 2013


I use matlab complier 2009a. I tested with a simple matlab function that multiple input value by 10 and then output it. It worked fine with Dialolg program in VS2010, so I think i know how to do it.

mcc -B csharedlib:simpletest simpletest .m


function [y] = simpletest(x)
y = x*10;

However, when I tried to modify it with adding below functions, detail as below: I tried to export a simple matlab function that can read a image, then use a smooth filter, then display it. rgb=imread(inputfile);

I found that I can use imread, but when I add imfilter and convert to dll, the program hanged/appeared freeze. I then remove the imfilter and add imshow, the program also hanged/appeared freeze.

So, this means, I cannot use imfilter/imshow in C++ dll. Does anyone know why this happen and how to solve the problem? Thanks in advance. Your help is highly appreciated.


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0 Answers

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