How can I save and load customized (background-)colors of blocks for later simulink sessions?

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When a simulink session is closed, all user-defined colors for blocks are erased from palette. Is there a possibility to copy these colors from blocks or save/load these palettes?

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Muthu Annamalai
Muthu Annamalai on 26 Jun 2013
>> clr = get_param(gcb,'BackgroundColor','Orange')
>> set_param(gcb,'BackgroundColor','Orange')
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Ralph on 27 Jun 2013
This answer is a good solution to get/set the parameters of former defined costumer colors. The main problem of loosing self-defined costumer colors (sometimes mumerous)in the simulink-palette seems to be solved in latest simulink versions. So it may be recommended to upgrade our 2009b-Matlab or finding out the global option in 2009b to set for saving this data for next start. Thank you very much, Muthu

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Kristian on 21 Aug 2017
> ... seems to be solved in latest simulink versions.
So if it was solved it obviously became broken again. I have used 2012a and 2014b (both 32-bit), and there the custom colors were stored and always available. Now I have changed to 2015b 64-bit, and the palette is lost after restarting. Can this be fixed somehow? It´s very much annoying.


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