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how to solve a (complicated) coupled nonlinear PDE as BVP

Asked by Petrus
on 27 Jun 2013

Hi everyone! I have to solve THIS system of coupled nonlinear PDEs with THESE boundary conditions in one dimensional case (domain: [-L,L]). This is a boundary value problem (BVP). There, t is the time-variable whereas u is the space-variable. The functions gamma, beta and tau are nonlinear in lambda (which is function of u) through power law (prop to lambda^-2). How can I solve it using Matlab?

Thanks, Petrus


the boundary conditions are declared at the boundary of the domain [-L,L], where each function has to have zero-first derivative. Why does not like as BVP to you?

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2 Answers

Answer by Petrus
on 27 Jun 2013

any idea?


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Answer by Eric
on 16 Aug 2013

Hi, have you solved your problem? I meet the same problem and be eager to know the answers.

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Hey, I'm sorry but I'm still working on a solution.. :(

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