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How do you match elements in two matrices and call on the rest of the elements in the second matrix after matching?

Asked by Jennifer
on 28 Jun 2013

I have a survey with data that is entered on Excel. The data is entered on a scale of 1 through 5. There are 20 questions. The code is supposed to calculate the score of each person's survey by adding up all the numerical answers from the questions. There is a scoring guide with total scores ranging from 20 through 100. It also includes a measured value and a percentile value. After calculating the total scores of each survey, I want to match the scores from the calculations to the scoring guide. Some of the scores may not match because they are too low, so I want to enter a '0' for those scores. For the scores that do match with a value on the scoring guide, I want to display the score along with the measured value and percentile. This is my code so far:

Data = xlsread('OPUSFunctionalStatusData.xlsx');

TotalScore = zeros(39,1);

 for i = 1:39
    TotalScore(i) = sum(Data(i,5:end)); 

%Match resulting scores from loop to the scoring guide.

Guide = xlsread('OPUSFunctionalStatusScoringGuide.xlsx');

Match = find(ismember(Score,Guide(:,1)))

 %Finds which scores match with a value on the scoring guide.

The data file has 24 columns. The first 4 columns are for identification purposes. Columns 5 through 24 contain the actual data from the survey which is what is needed to calculate the scores. The resulting scores are displayed in a one column vector. The scoring guide contains scores from 20 through 100 with 3 columns (Total score, Measured value, and Percentile). How do I match the calculated scores to the scoring guide and call on the Measured value and Percentiles to display them all together? Any help is appreciated. Thank you!


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