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size(m,2) how the function works?

Asked by Shaila parvin on 29 Jun 2013

m=[1,2,3; 4 4 4; 3 3 1];


answer: n=2

I don't understand how this function calculates the answer. Please help me.

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So this post was a mistake? You did not get an answer of 2 as you report? Then perhaps we should just delete this post?

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1 Answer

Answer by Wayne King
on 29 Jun 2013
Edited by Wayne King
on 29 Jun 2013

 m=[1,2,3; 4 4 4; 3 3 1];
 n = size(m,2);

returns n = 3

I suspect that you have a different function called size() that precedes the MathWorks' version on your path. Or maybe you have a variable called size() in your program or command window. Both of these possibilities are very bad ideas

If you enter:

>>which size

what do you get. If it says "is a variable", then remove that variable. If you get a path other than something like


Then remove the other function, or move it to a folder not on the MATLAB path.


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