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Problem with Simulink Model

Asked by Alexander Giles on 3 Jul 2013
Latest activity Commented on by Phani
on 30 Sep 2013


I am currently investigating the behaviour of a distributed generator following an islanding event (loss-of-mains). I have an ideal source, which represents the generation from the rest of my power system; then I have a very simple distribution network with some loads and a single synchronous generator. I apply an islanding event at t = 15s. The load exceeds the generation so I expect the frequency to fall. I am measuring this using the 'm' output from the simplified synchronous machine block and comparing it with the frequency measurement from the PLL block. However, the two show different behaviour. Furthermore, following the islanding event, the power output of the synchronous machine increases. I don't understand what is going on with my model. Please could someone shed some light.



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Hello Alexander,

Fortunately I'm working on the same project. Glad to see another person working on the same =) I've designed a DG source (Micro Turbine Generator) for connecting it to utility grid. Then I wanted to check the rate of change of freq/voltage with DG end and Point of common coupling. From what you have said, your DG is supposed to fail supplying adequate power to loads in islanding condition. So the freq will drops and the only thing I didn't understand is, how could the power output of your sync gen increases with loss of mains? Could you elaborate your problem. May be we could discuss together and continue our project.



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