How to close nntrain tool???

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Ali Ahmed
Ali Ahmed on 4 Jul 2013
HI I have made my Gui in which I have apply neural network for classification.. But I have apply the train command for training purpose. That open the nntrain tool I want that when my Gui open then its train tool donot show but it work... If someone knows about it please help me put.
Thanks Regards Ali

Accepted Answer

Friedrich on 4 Jul 2013
Edited: Friedrich on 4 Jul 2013
when taking a look at the code of nntraintool you will see:
function [result,result2] = nntraintool(command,varargin)
%NNTRAINTOOL Neural network training tool
% Syntax
% nntraintool
% nntraintool('close')
% Description
% NNTRAINTOOL opens the training window GUI. This is launched
% automatically when TRAIN is called.
% To disable the training window set the following network training
% property.
% net.<matlab:doc nnproperty.net_trainParam trainParam>.<matlab:doc nnparam.showWindow showWindow> = false;
% To enable command line training instead.
% net.<matlab:doc nnproperty.net_trainParam trainParam>.<matlab:doc nnparam.showCommandLine showCommandLine> = true;
% NNTRAINTOOL('close') closes the window.
% Copyright 2007-2012 The MathWorks, Inc.
So call a to this
YourNet.trainParam.showWindow = false;
should do it.
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Ali Ahmed
Ali Ahmed on 5 Jul 2013
Thanks for helping...

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