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How can I load this file?

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Pul on 23 Apr 2021
Commented: Pul on 23 Apr 2021
Hi everyone,
I should load this file.
I tried in this way but I can't plot data because I have text and number together.
data = readtable('casestudy.csv', 'ReadVariableNames', true)
Can anyone help me kindly?
Thank you in advance!
Pul on 23 Apr 2021
I should plot the 1st column (Timee) and the 2nd column (S_Dev).
Thank you

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Accepted Answer

Scott MacKenzie
Scott MacKenzie on 23 Apr 2021
How about this:
T = readtable('', 'ReadVariableNames', true)
ax = gca;
ax.XLabel.String = 'Timee';
ax.YLabel.String = 'S Dev';
ax.XTickLabels = T.Timee;
f = gcf;
f.Color = 'w';
f.Units = 'normalized';
f.Position = [.2 .2 .6 .5]; % widen a bit, so tick labels can be read
Pul on 23 Apr 2021
Okay, thank you very much!

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