I have a climatic dataset of a region where I am calculating time series (for drought index). The dimension of the dataset is 164*153*1416 (1416 months in the dataset and the others are the location). How I can average this over space and time?

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Average= nanmean(Box_SPEI(:,:,:))

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Chad Greene
Chad Greene on 3 May 2021
To get a map of average SPEI,
SPEI_mean = mean(SPEI,3,'omitnan');
and that calculates the mean along the third dimension (time).
Md Muktadir
Md Muktadir on 24 Jun 2021
@Chad Greene, If i have a dataset (360*720*1416) where first two indicate latitude and longitude and 1416 is the time step. If I need finer resolution (0.25 degree spatial resolution) to make it (720*1440*1416), how I can do that?

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