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How to put Hex numbers inside a matrix?

Asked by Mike
on 10 Jul 2013

I'm trying to put some Hex numbers inside a matrix. That's my code:


>> syms matrix

>> matrix(1,1)='c080'

matrix =



>> matrix(1,2)='a9faee80'

matrix =

[ c080, a9faee80]


>> matrix(1,3)='1f00'

Here the Error occurs and i don't know why!

I'll be so thankful for any kind of help!


Error Message:

Error using sym>convertExpression (line 2246) Conversion to 'sym' returned the MuPAD error: Error: Unexpected 'identifier'. [line 1, col 2]

Error in sym>convertChar (line 2157) s = convertExpression(x);

Error in sym>convertCharWithOption (line 2140) s = convertChar(x);

Error in sym>tomupad (line 1871) S = convertCharWithOption(x,a);

Error in sym (line 104) S.s = tomupad(x,'');

Error in sym/subsasgn (line 1613) if ~isa(B,'sym'), B = sym(B); end


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1 Answer

Answer by Jan Simon
on 10 Jul 2013
Edited by Jan Simon
on 10 Jul 2013

With "syms" the created matrix is symbolic, then it contains symbolic variables. The names of these variables must follow the standard rules of Matlab: less than 64 characters, only letters, numbers and the underscore, but the first character must be a letter. Therefore 'c080' is valid, while '80c0' is not.

What do you want to achieve? Hexadecimal values are stored as strings, so you either need a cell string or perhaps storing the values in the usual decimal format is the most direct solution. But syms seems to be not sufficient for the job.

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Thanks Jan, do you have any better idea to put hex numbers inside a matrix?

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