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Add new double array within cell for each iteration in a for loop

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I'm trying to get many values out of an excel sheet.
Is it possible to have a cell variable which gets added one more array of double values for each iteration, and how do i write it?
Outside a for loop i can write:
hourValues{1} = some code;
hourValues{2} = some code;
hourValues{3} = some code;
and i will get a 1x3 cell named hourValues which with some code will contain my 3 arrays of double. But how to write this inside a for loop?

Accepted Answer

Matt J
Matt J on 30 Apr 2021
for i=1:3
hourValues{i} = some code;
Rudolf on 2 May 2021
There is something weird with the code i use. No matter how i pass the string it doesn't work, so i will have to open a separate question on that. You've answered my questions Matt J, thank you. :)
string() works by the way, and strangely num2str gave me char. Example, this code:
a = 1;
b = string(a);
c = num2str(a);
returns this:

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