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Create a pop-up meesage

Asked by anahita
on 15 Jul 2013

I created a GUI, and there is a part that user selects 2 pixel and then the program take some time to proceed a function with the coordinates of those 2 points. I want to know how should I manage to have a message(while the program is processing) that tells the user that the program is doing some calculation and that he should wait and it disappears when the program is done with the process?


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1 Answer

Answer by Azzi Abdelmalek
on 15 Jul 2013

You can create an Editbox and set it to invisible in the opening function


When the user select two pixel, set the Editbox1 to visible


At the end of the calculation add



Thanks for the answer but I need a pop up message

h=msgbox('your message')

When the process is done


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