Symbolic matrices multipleid incorrectly

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I have matrix equation:
When I try to find X I get incorrect result:
Check does not pass:
I attach a .mat file with an example. There is a ST structure with M1 and M2 fields in a .mat file. Both are symbolic matrices.
Code for testing.
X = ST.M1^-1 * ST.M2;
disp(ST.M1 * X - ST.M2)
The invertible matrix of M1 is correct. The condition number of M1 is 1. Where is the problem?

Answers (1)

Paul on 8 May 2021
What was your actual check that the result does not pass? Maybe you need to simplify() the result?
M1=sym('m1',[2 2]);
M2=sym('m2',[2 2]);
D = M1*X - M2 % looks non-zero
D = 
simplify(D) % is zero
ans = 

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