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Solve Coupled Linear Matrix DE

Asked by Matt beach on 19 Jul 2013

Hi, I'm trying to solve (either analytically or numerically) a coupled linear Matrix DE of the form dx/dt = A*x. where x and dx/dt are vectors and A a square matrix. I can generate the derivatives of x, (dx/dt) and x as symbols. but I cant get the syntax right to solve the eq. Here's the code

 syms t
 %syms x(t)
 x = sym(zeros((L+1)^2,1));
 for k=1:(L+1)^2
     x(k) = sym(sprintf('x%d(t)', k));
 S = dsolve('diff(x,t) == (A*x)',x)

Any help would be appreciated, thanks! Also how long do you think it would take to solve 132 coupled DEs? (currently stuck on 4...)


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0 Answers

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