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Code or Matlab causing segvault errors - Matlab Version 7.14

Asked by Dan Caballero on 19 Jul 2013

One of my researchers is receiving the following error while calling the parallel function. This started recently and we've tried some basic troubleshooting. This is running on a RHEL 5.9 64 bit Dell server.


Error using parallel_function (line 589) The session that parfor is using has shut down

Error in MCpost (line 27) parfor a = 1:length(vamp) % amp = vamp

The client lost connection to lab 5. This might be due to network problems, or the interactive matlabpool job might have errored.


Whenever he runs this job, I can see there are segfault errors in the logs.


Jul 19 13:49:24 cs4 kernel: MATLAB[15432]: segfault at 00002ab0c125dff0 rip 00002ab0b414c125 rsp 00002ab0c125dff0 error 6 Jul 19 13:49:24 cs4 kernel: MATLAB[15444]: segfault at 00002b2e9f987ff0 rip 00002b2e92876125 rsp 00002b2e9f987ff0 error 6


Is this a problem with his code or physical memory?

Any advice or direction would be appreciated!!

-- Dan Caballero


This indicates that the worker MATLAB is crashing. Do you have a reproduction that you can post here? Do you have the full stack trace? Are MEX functions involved?

Thanks Edric. I'll get that info asap.

-- Dan

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