Create single columns of elementwise means

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Ryan on 13 May 2021
Commented: Ryan on 14 May 2021
How would I compute the elementwise means of dark fields and flat fields, to get both a single dark field and a single flat field column to use in correction. I then need to apply the single dark mean and flat field mean for correcting the transmission data (X_proj).
X_dark = 2560x30 double
X_flat = 2560x200 double
X_proj = 2560x1500 double
My attempt for X_dark is below, does this look correct? How would I then apply it to correct the transmission data (X_proj)?
for i=1:30
Jan on 14 May 2021
@Ryan Philips: It depends on what "applying" means here. Please explain, which mathematical operation you want to perform.

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Accepted Answer

Matt J
Matt J on 14 May 2021
DF=mean(X_dark ,2);
FF=mean(X_flat ,2);
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Ryan on 14 May 2021
Great, thanks! That code solution is working!

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