How to use MATLAB Neural Network Toolbox custom (specific) neural network? (NARMA L2 model)

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Martin Porenta
Martin Porenta on 15 May 2021
I have a qustion about Neural Network toolbox. I want to design a neural network as shown on the image bellow. As you can see it consists of two networks with identical inputs, the only diference is that output of the second network is multipied by u(k).
Now my question is: is it even possible to use Neural Network Toolbox and how to use it to construct and train neural network from above image?
PS: This network is basically a NARMA-L2 model, I know that Simulink includes NARMA L2 controller block, but I want to implement this algoritm in from scratch in Matlab script. So if anyone ever implemented NARMA L2 controller from scratch, I would really apriciate any suggestions and help on that topic also.
Thankyou for you help and time,
Martin Porenta

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Shiva Kalyan Diwakaruni
Shiva Kalyan Diwakaruni on 24 May 2021
You can try using deepNetworkDesigner which opens the Deep Network Designer app. Drag and drop the required layer from the input section in the app and start constructing your layer from scratch. You can also replace the layers of already pre trained model which is similar to your model and construct a model you want .
You can refer to the below link for more information
Hope it helps

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