Champernowne Constant loop help

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Nguyen Huy
Nguyen Huy on 15 May 2021
Edited: Jonas on 16 May 2021
%i have Champernowne Constant is a real number whose digits in decimal representation come from the concatenation of all consecutive positive integers starting from 1. ex:'12345678910111213....'
%my job is return array vy contain nth digit from Champernowne Constant,n is take from array vx
%ex: vx=[10 11 12 13 14 15] => vy=[ 1 0 1 1 1 2]
%my code is
for i=1:length(vx)
while length(str)<vx(i)
vy=[vy str2num(str(vx(i)))];
%the code is success with litte vx,but with lagre vx it over max loop of matlab,so how could i fix
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Jonas on 16 May 2021
maybe it helps if you have a look into the width of numbers: the numbers from 0:9 have size ceil(log10(number))=1, after that the numbers from 10:99 have width ceil(log10(numbers))=2 and so on. this way you could have a look only on the numbers in the decade you are interested in.
by the way, how big gets your n? you can easily use smth like
and then extract the numbers you are interested in?

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