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Start up problem - "initializing" takes ages...

Asked by Ronald van den Berg on 27 Jul 2013

Starting Matlab (7.11.0; R2010b) takes ages on my HP Pavilion dm1 laptop running on Windows 7.

I have tried several suggested solutions (add license path to Windows, check if toolbox cache enabled, etc), but nothing seems to help.

Below is the log i created with running "matlab -timing". It seems like matlabpath or matlabrc takes very long. However, if i rerun matlabpath and matlabrc after i get a prompt, they only take about 0.1 sec to execute..

Any help on this would be appreciated. Thanks.

total   item     gap      description
 0.00   0.00    0.00   MATLAB script       
 1.06   1.06    0.00   main                
 1.15   0.07    0.02   LM Startup          
 1.19   0.02    0.02   splash              
 1.19   0.00    0.00   mnSigInit           
 3.76   2.57    0.00     mljInit           
34.32  30.56    0.00     StartDesktop      
34.32  33.13    0.00   Java initialization 
34.39   0.07    0.00   hgInitialize        
35.02   0.55    0.08   psParser            
35.30   0.03    0.25   cachepath           
36.37   0.65    0.42     matlabpath        
387.51  352.21    0.00   matlabrc            
Items shown account for 99.9% of total startup time [TIMER: 1 MHz]

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Why not try the latest release? It might get rid of your long startup time.

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1 Answer

Answer by Jan Simon
on 27 Jul 2013

You can add some TIC/TOCs to the matlabrx.m file to find out where the time is spent.


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