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Conversion to struct from double is not possible- Neural Network Pattern Recognition Toolbox

Asked by Chaou
on 28 Jul 2013
Latest activity Commented on by kh rezaee on 1 Apr 2017

Hello. I'm trying to execute the simplest example for Pattern recognition network, given in this link for iris flowers classification.

 [x,t] = iris_dataset;
net = patternnet(10)
net = train(net,x,t);
y = net(x);
perf = perform(net,t,y)
classes = vec2ind(y)

Error using struct Conversion to struct from double is not possible.

And it's the same error if I use the Neural Network interface. Can anyone help me, please? Thank you very much!


Please be so kind and post the complete error message. Most of all show us the line, which causes the error and explain the type of the used variables.

When I cut and paste his code (on a mac running R2014a and MacOS 10.9.3), I get this error:

Error using struct
Conversion to struct from double is not possible.
Error in network/subsasgn>getDefaultParam (line 2048)
    param = struct(feval(fcn,'defaultParam'));
Error in network/subsasgn>setLayerTransferFcn (line 1224)
net.layers{i}.transferParam = getDefaultParam(transferFcn);
Error in network/subsasgn>network_subsasgn (line 208)
        if isempty(err), [net,err] =
        setLayerTransferFcn(net,i,transferFcn); end
Error in network/subsasgn (line 13)
net = network_subsasgn(net,subscripts,v,netname);
Error in patternnet>create_network (line 104)
  net.layers{net.numLayers}.transferFcn = 'softmax';
Error in patternnet (line 71)
    net = create_network(param); 

I discovered that the cause of my replication of your error was the fact that I had redefined the 'softmax' function in my MATLAB workspace. There are a number of functions that would cause this error if you redefine them, such as: netsum purelin tansig dividerand mse adaptwb learngdm crossentropy softmax

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2 Answers

Answer by Greg Heath
on 28 Jul 2013
 Accepted Answer

I cut and pasted your code. It ran with no problem or messages.


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Answer by ahmad ali mohammad on 9 Nov 2016

I was faced with the same problem When I run certain code occurs after you run this code I have to remove and re-install MATLAB

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