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Cside on 20 May 2021
Hi, I am currently using the replace function for my strings. For example, if the string contains 1, i will have it replaced with another string of numbers.
However, I realized that there are overlaps in the strings, for eg, replace (A, '1', '1234'), replace(A, '2', '12345'). So this means that my '2' will be replaced in the previous string as well, with the output '11234534'.
What can I write so that I specifically identify strings and replace those strings that contain only 1 digit? My desired output is that all the strings in this array to be replaced correspondingly ie all '1' to be '1234', '2' to be '12345'.
Thank you!

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Sulaymon Eshkabilov
Sulaymon Eshkabilov on 20 May 2021
Is that what you are tryin to obtain:
A = '12'
A1=replace (A, '1', '1234')
A2=replace (A1, '2', '12345')


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