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curve fitting tool box

Asked by ahmed
on 31 Jul 2013

Hi all,

there is something i don't understand in the curve fitting tool box, i have :

x= [1 2 3 4];

y= [1 2 3 4];

after using the curve fitting tool box this is the results comes out:

Linear model Poly1:

     f(x) = p1*x + p2
       where x is normalized by mean 3.5 and std 1.871
Coefficients (with 95% confidence bounds):
       p1 =       1.871  (1.871, 1.871)
       p2 =         3.5  (3.5, 3.5)

Goodness of fit:

SSE: 2.81e-30
R-square: 1
Adjusted R-square: 1
RMSE: 8.382e-16

the plotted graph on the right is correct but the resulted equation is not correct !!!!! ??


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What do you do with the Curve Fitting Toolbox? If I type


I get a slope of 1 and an intercept that is zero (tiny number).

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1 Answer

Answer by dpb
on 2 Aug 2013
Edited by dpb
on 2 Aug 2013

Of course the equation is right--as the message says p1 and p2 are coefficients for the normalized x. Substitute in z=(x-3.5)/1.871 and solve for m and b in terms of z and you'll find that

 m=p1/1.871 --> 1
 b=p2+3.5   --> 0

In the tool it's the "Center and Scale" checkbox that controls it; at the command line the fit option 'Normalize', 'on|off'


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