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Best Post-Hoc method for Friedman?

Asked by Pegah Hosseini on 2 Aug 2013
Latest activity Commented on by Ernesto Soares on 22 Mar 2017


I am currently applying one-way ANOVA to 5 groups of power values obtained from spectrogram of EEG signals. Then I apply multcompare function to the stat output of ANOVA with 'Tukey' as 'ctype'.

I assumed that my power values had normal distribution so I was happy with ANOVA but I tested my power values with kstest and it seems that they do not have normal distribution. So, I am going for Friedman instead but I am not sure what I should choose as 'ctype' in multcompare or if I have to change any other parameter in multcompare function to have a reliable post-hoc result. Any suggestions?

I see in the literature that one post-hoc method for Friedman is Nemenyi which does not seem to be available in multcompare. Is there any equivalents?

Thanks, Pegah

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I don't know, but would sure like to!

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