Point not match and connect with the nearest point to line

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Point not match and connect with the nearest point to line
The data I exported from the ANSYS FLUENT...and when i plot it the line is not follow the black dot but connect in the zig zag direction.. Any one can fix it :(
I wish to know how to rearrange the data so that the i can match the nearest black dot to plot a line in order to erase the unwanted data
Image Analyst
Image Analyst on 28 May 2021
Are you willing to simply hand draw a dividing line through the right and left portions?

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Accepted Answer

Jan on 28 May 2021
Edited: Jan on 28 May 2021
To my surprise finding the nearest point iteratively solves the problem already:
[x,y] = nearestConnection(a.Topwall(:,2), a.Topwall(:,3));
plot(x, y)
function [xa, ya, index] = nearestConnection(x, y)
xa = zeros(size(x));
ya = zeros(size(y));
index = zeros(size(x));
% Find the initial point defined by the smallest X value:
[~, idx0] = min(x);
xa(1) = x(idx0);
ya(1) = y(idx0);
index(1) = idx0;
x(idx0) = NaN; % Mask original point
y(idx0) = NaN;
for k = 2:numel(x)
dist = (x - xa(k - 1)) .^ 2 + (y - ya(k - 1)) .^ 2;
[~, idx] = min(dist);
index(k) = idx;
xa(k) = x(idx);
ya(k) = y(idx);
x(idx) = NaN;
y(idx) = NaN;

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