Automatic Driving Scenario expansion for ADAS Testing

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Riya on 4 Jun 2021
Answered: Will Tripp on 7 Jun 2021
I am working in virtual validation of autonomous vehicles. I want to expand driving scenarios or create variations in driving scenarios including edge case scenarios automatically for coverage of virtual testing of autonomous vehicles. How can I do that in Matlab 2018b?
If not, how can it be done ?

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Will Tripp
Will Tripp on 7 Jun 2021
In R2018b, you can achieve this by building a driving scenario using the Driving Scenario Designer app (Automated Driving Toolbox), exporting the code used to generate the scenario to a MATLAB function, and then modifying the function to generate variations. This example explains this workflow:
What you won't be able to do in R2018b is re-import the modified driving scenario back into the Driving Scenario Designer app or into Simulink. This functionality was introduced in R2019b. However, you can still simulate and visualize the scenario variations using the drivingScenario object functions.

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