NR TDD symbol based scheduling project in 5GToolBOX

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For packet reception errors detection why the example use this function below in specific, how is the comparsion of the received and send packet to detect errors work???
function crcFlag = crcResult(~)
%crcFlag Calculate crc success/failure result
successProbability = 0.9; % For 0.1 block error rate (BLER)
if(rand(1) <= successProbability)
crcFlag = 0; % No error
crcFlag = 1; % Error
%crcFlag = (Flag & error)| Flag

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Anshika Chourasia
Anshika Chourasia on 14 Oct 2021
Hi Inas Sawad,
According to my understanding in that example a probability-based passthrough PHY without any signal processing is used. In passthrough PHY a probability-based mechanism is designed for simulating the packet reception errors When the randomly generated probability is lesser or equal to the successProbability then packet is accepted otherwise it’s discarded.
I hope this helps you!


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