What will be last elements in Iterative addition for loop?

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vimal kumar chawda
vimal kumar chawda on 6 Jun 2021
Answered: Manas Minnoor on 6 Jun 2021
a = randi(10,1,6);
b = randi(10,6,1);
c = randi(10,6,4);
d = randi(10,4,3);
e = randi(20,20,1)-10;
Task 1a
MATLAB has a builtin sum function. To get acquainted with loops, pretend
you could not use that function, and instead recreate the result using a
Create a variable that will hold the result and initialize it with 0.
Then iteratively add each element of the vector to the result. You can
check your result with the builtin function.
i=[a b c d e];
for j=1:length(a) -1
sum1(:,j)= a(:,j)
sum_iter(:,j) = sum1(:,j)+ sum1(:,j+1)
How can i know what is the last element in sum_iter? I am not sure if I have 7 column in a datasets. This loop is only for a data sets. Thanks

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