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mex -setup causes matlabs perl command line interpreter to crash

Asked by Zachary Taylor on 17 Aug 2013
Latest activity Commented on by PEACE AMOATEY on 26 Sep 2013

I have recently installed matlab 2013a onto a new computer that is running windows 8.

Whenever I try to set the mex complier (using visual studios 2012 ultimate) with the command mex -setup a window appears saying "Perl Command Line Interpreter has stopped working". When I close the window a message in matalb appears saying

Error using mex (line 206) Unable to complete successfully.

I can't seem to find anyone with the same error and am at a loss as to how to fix it


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1 Answer

Answer by Zachary Taylor on 18 Aug 2013
 Accepted Answer

Found a solution. Trying some other functions it became clear the perl interpreter was crashing every time it was run. I downloaded a new perl version (strawberry perl) and replaced the perl.exe in MATLAB\R2013a\sys\perl\win32\bin with it.

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Do you just replace it or you install it?

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