readtable working differently for different files

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I have a bunch of spreadsheets which all have the same format. However, when I read them in, they appear differently...
folder=('H:\SoundTrap\Boats\Manual Vessel Detections');
for i=1:height(d)
if idx==1
For some reason, one of the files is read using a different delimeter? So the columns are incorrectly split. How can I rectify this? I have tried detect import options and 'Format' '%s%s%s' to no avail. Perhaps I am using these incorrectly though. The desired format is the one below:
Louise Wilson
Louise Wilson on 8 Jun 2021
Thank you both, sorry for failing to do this in the first instance! I have attached two .csv files here. 001 is the file which is currently loading in as I would like it to.

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Accepted Answer

Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 8 Jun 2021
T1 = readtable('', 'delimiter', ',');
ans = 10×2 table
Filename BoatPresence ______________________________ ____________ {'5100.190610124350_2min.png'} 1 {'5100.190610152350_2min.png'} 1 {'5100.190610170350_2min.png'} 0 {'5100.190610182350_2min.png'} 1 {'5100.190610205350_2min.png'} 1 {'5100.190610214350_2min.png'} 1 {'5100.190610230350_2min.png'} 1 {'5100.190611003350_2min.png'} 1 {'5100.190611030350_2min.png'} 1 {'5100.190611041350_2min.png'} 0
T2 = readtable('', 'delimiter', ',');
ans = 10×3 table
Filename BoatPresence Var3 ______________________________ ____________ __________ {'5100.200316151440_2min.png'} 0 {0×0 char} {'5100.200316165440_2min.png'} 0 {0×0 char} {'5100.200316190440_2min.png'} 0 {0×0 char} {'5100.200316195440_2min.png'} 0 {0×0 char} {'5100.200316212440_2min.png'} 0 {0×0 char} {'5100.200317001441_2min.png'} 1 {0×0 char} {'5100.200317004441_2min.png'} 0 {0×0 char} {'5100.200317025441_2min.png'} 0 {0×0 char} {'5100.200317041441_2min.png'} 0 {0×0 char} {'5100.200317071441_2min.png'} 0 {0×0 char}
The files are different: the second one has an extra empty field, and that throws off MATLAB into thinking maybe the delimiter is underscore.
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Louise Wilson
Louise Wilson on 8 Jun 2021
Thanks so much Walter! This fixes my problem and also helps me to understand why this happened. I was not aware there was a third empty column.

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