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Contextmenu Callback to set class variable

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Hello MatLabers
I am looking for a better/smoother way to implement the setting of a class variable in a callback. I'm sure there is a nicer method than what I'm doing right now.
I have a class property called "displayMode" that has its own set method in the class (function set.displayMode(obj, val)...). On a contextmenu callback I would like to change that value.
% helper function to set the value of displayMode (class property)
function enableView(this, value, varargin)
this.displayMode = value;
% different function handles for callback:
en3D = @(h,e)enableView(this,'3D');
en2D = @(h,e)enableView(this,'Frame');
% the contextmenu
this.mycontextmenu = uicontextmenu;
item1 = uimenu(this.mycontextmenu,'Label','...', 'Callback', ...);
item2 = uimenu(this.mycontextmenu,'Label','3D view','Callback',en3D);
item3 = uimenu(this.mycontextmenu,'Label','2D view','Callback',en2D);
I'm looking for a possibility that avoids the additional function (here: enableView(...)). I'm thinking of something like:
hSet3D = ['set(this, ''displayMode'', ''3D'')'];
item3 = uimenu(this.mycontextmenu,'Label','better','Callback',hSet3D);
but I can not access the object itself here (this).

Accepted Answer

Titus Edelhofer
Titus Edelhofer on 31 May 2011
not really. You could use the setfield function for this purpose:
item3 = uimenu(this.mycontextmenu, 'Label', 'better', ...
'Callback', @(h,e) setfield(this, 'displayMode', 'Frame'));
I leave it up to you to decide, if you would call this better then your solution ;-). If I were you I would add a method setDisplayMode to the class that I would call in the callback...

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