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Sandra Martinez
Sandra Martinez on 9 Jun 2021
I have a srcipt that uses parfor. I have no problems using Matlaba compiler 2021a.
BUt, when I change thse lines (CASE 1):
load('datos tiles/data_tiles.mat')
By (CASE 2):
myCluster = parcluster('local');
The script runs with no problems, but the Matlab compiler is not working. Here p and threads are a variables define in data_tiles.mat, I'm not adding that .mat in the compiler files (in case 1 this works with no problem).
In fact,if a try to compile several time, differents error meseges apears
the log file:
1)Why there is a problem with the compiler when adding those lines?
2) Why the los files changes when repeting the process several times?

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