Can't find the fault in my code.

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Marlene Patterer
Marlene Patterer on 13 Jun 2021
Commented: Marlene Patterer on 14 Jun 2021
I am doing a hand recognition project and I have a problem and I can't solve it.
That is the code our network was trained with. If I train the network it tells me that it has a accuracy of 99% percent but if I'm using the code below it dosen't recognize any hand gestures. It only shows me "search" which it only should do if its a black picture. Does anyone have an idea? Thank you!
close all;
c = webcam('HD Pro Webcam C920');
load Network;
%handbox settings
Handbox=[0 0 300 300];
while true
video = c.snapshot;
%Video RGB to gray
video_grey = rgb2gray(video);
videoAdj = imadjust(video_grey);
%Video RGB to BW
BW = imbinarize(videoAdj);
%BW inverte
BW_inverse = imcomplement(BW);
%Fill holes
BW_IH = imfill(BW_inverse, 'holes');
%change format [x x 1] --> [x x 3]
BW_3D = repmat(BW_IH,[1 1 3]);
%Create Handbox
Handbox_new = insertObjectAnnotation(video,'rectangle',Handbox,'Handgeste');
Handbox_crop = imcrop(BW_3D,Handbox);
video_new = imresize(Handbox_crop, [227 227]);
Marlene Patterer
Marlene Patterer on 14 Jun 2021
We took 500 images for each gesture, so for the numbers 0-5. Shell I send you one of each? Or what else may I give you so you have a better picture of it? Thank you!
Which settings would you therefore use? Thank you!

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