Color Voronoi Diagram and coresponding matrix

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HG on 14 Jun 2021
Commented: darova on 24 Jul 2021
How to create a Voronoi diagram that has the following conditions:
1- Voronoi diagram is colored and without the center point of the grain
2- The created image should be square. Also create a matrix of values(numbers) from the color image that the values of this matrix represents the color of each grain.
3- The number of center points (grains) created can be changed
4. If possible, all seeds should be about the same size.
I mean these images and matrices:
it's not the exact matrix. only for example.
For example, this is a matrix whose similar numbers represent a color grain in the Voronoi diagram. Notice that this matrix is only an example.
some bold lines of the matrix are drawn only for better expression and represent the boundary between the grains.
So I need an Image and the corresponding matrix.
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darova on 24 Jul 2021
I think you want to much. Please provide some of your attempts

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