Auto resize of manually added axes

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Michael on 22 Jun 2021
Commented: DGM on 22 Jun 2021
I need to manually add axes to a figure, but I want the axes I add to automatically resize when I maximize/scale the figure window. When I create the axes using 'subplot.m,' the axes scale when I maximize the window, which is what I want. When mannually adding axes (see code below) the resulting axes don't grow with the window size. How might I do this?
fig_h = figure;
ax_h = uiaxes(fig_h);
I've looked through both the axes and figure object properties for a something related to auto resizing, but haven't found anything. Any bright ideas would be appreciated.
DGM on 22 Jun 2021
Two things:
1: What is the 'units' property of the axes object set to? If it's not set to 'normalized', it won't resize with the figure.
2: Like dpb mentioned, more complicated layout management can be accomplished with a callback function that executes when the figure is resized. A figure object can be assigned function handle for the 'ResizeFcn' property. You can create a user-defined function which looks at figure and object geometries and manages them accordingly. Then just set it like so:
or if you want to pass extra parameters to the function (e.g. the current figure handle)

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