create a line between two points on an already made plot

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I have matrices x and y and make a plot with them. x=[0,...,85.8024]; (100 numbers) y=[0.8736,...,1.2157];(100 numbers) figure plot(x,y)
i want to create a line from A=(0,0.8736) to B=(85.8024,1.2157) on the same plot (red color).

Accepted Answer

Azzi Abdelmalek
Azzi Abdelmalek on 5 Sep 2013
hold on
plot([0 85.8024],[0.8736 1.2157],'r')
Adam Fitchett
Adam Fitchett on 23 Oct 2019
Edited: Adam Fitchett on 23 Oct 2019
Hi, I know this is a long time after the reply was written, but...
I tried this method and it drew the line between the two points, but after the second point the line veers at a seemingly random angle and then goes off into the distance. How do you draw the line so that it is just between the two points and doesn’t carry on after?

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Abhishekkumar Shingala
Abhishekkumar Shingala on 29 Dec 2020
Can we create smooth line (curve) between two points?


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