Correlation between given day and mean of previous days

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Hey guys, I would appreciate your help....
I need to find corr coef between daily mortality data and daily pollutant concentrations. I need to do it in 2 ways:
1. Correlation between given day of mortality and the same day of pollutant (e.g. mortality 03/01/2006-pollutant 03/01/2006),
2. Correlation between given day of mortality and mean concentration of pollutant on given day plus 2 days ago ( e.g. mortality 03/01/2006-pollutant 03/01/2006-02/01/2006-01/01/2006).
I am attaching an indicative .xlsx containing the necessary data. Could anyone help me on this?
PS. I'm on Matlab 2019a
Daphne PARLIARI on 25 Jun 2021
Yes right, but I want to see if there is a way I can do it without using movmean in case something is being calculated incorrectly.

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