how to display and store all the data that has been processed in the form of a matrix in neural network?

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I have a problem in my program below. there is an error in the matrix appearance. What should I do to keep all the data in a matrix form below so that the neural network can be processed?
??? Error using ==> minus
Matrix dimensions must agree.
Error in ==> prestd at 90
tn = (t-meant0*oneQ)./(stdt0*oneQ);
Error in ==> cobaaja at 71
[pn,meanp,stdp,tn,meant,stdt] = prestd(P,T);
my program:
clear all;
% You can customize and fix initial directory paths
DatabasePath = uigetdir('Pilih Database' );
prompt = {'Pilih image yang akan diproses ( 1 to 20):'};
dlg_title = 'cobacoba';
num_lines= 1;
def = {'1'};
cobacoba = inputdlg(prompt,dlg_title,num_lines,def);
cobacoba = strcat(DatabasePath,'\',char(cobacoba),'.jpg');
I = imread(cobacoba);
imshow (I);
%untuk mengubah gambar ke dalam bentuk nilai biner
red=I(:,:,1); %memanggil matriks gambar yang hanya berisi piksel warna merah
green= I(:,:,2);% memanggil matriks gambar yang hanya berisi piksel warna hijau
blue=I(:,:,3); %memanggil matriks gambar yang hanya berisi piksel warna biru
merahgray2=0.3*red+0.5*green+0.2*blue ;
%menampilkan nilai RGB
R = I(:,:,1);
G = I(:,:,2);
B = I(:,:,3);
%menampilkan sum dari RGB
sumR = sum(sum(R));
sumG = sum(sum(G));
sumB = sum(sum(B));
n= (sumR+sumG+sumB);
% Normalisasi warna pada citra
NormalizedRed = sumR * sqrt ( sumR^2+ sumG^2 + sumB^2);
NormalizedGreen = sumG * sqrt ( sumR^2+ sumG^2 + sumB^2);
NormalizedBlue = sumB * sqrt ( sumR^2+ sumG^2 + sumB^2);
% Mencari mean
MeanR = 1/n*sumR*1.0e+005
MeanG = 1/n*sumG*1.0e+005
MeanB = 1/n*sumB*1.0e+005
% Mencari standar deviasi
%Mencari kurtosis
kR=( 1/n*((sumR-MeanR)^4))/(1/n*((sumR-MeanR)^2))^2
kG=( 1/n*((sumG-MeanG)^4))/(1/n*((sumG-MeanG)^2))^2
kB=( 1/n*((sumB-MeanB)^4))/(1/n*((sumB-MeanB)^2))^2
% Mencari Skewness
SkR = ( 1/n*((sumR-MeanR)^3))/sqrt(1/n*((sumR-MeanR)^2))^3
SkG = ( 1/n*((sumG-MeanG)^3))/sqrt(1/n*((sumG-MeanG)^2))^3
SkB = ( 1/n*((sumB-MeanB)^3))/sqrt(1/n*((sumB-MeanB)^2))^3
% Data Input & Target
P=[MeanR MeanG MeanB sR sG sB kR kG kB SkR SkG SkB]
T=[-1 0 1]
% Preprocessing
[pn,meanp,stdp,tn,meant,stdt] = prestd(P,T);
% Membangun jaringan dengan propagasi umpan balik berbasis jaringan syaraf tiruan
net = newff(minmax(pn),[10 5 1],{'tansig' 'logsig' 'purelin'},'traingdm')
% melihat bobot awal jaringan
BobotAwal_Input = net.IW{1,1};
BobotAwal_Bias_Input = net.b{1,1};
BobotAwal_Lapisan1 = net.LW {2,1};
BobotAwal_Bias_Lapisan = net.b {2,1};
% Set parameter pelatihan
net.trainParam.epochs = 1000;
net.trainParam.goal = 1e-04; = 0.6;
net.trainParam.showCommandLine = true; = 100; = 0.7;
% pelatihan
net = train(net,pn,tn);pause
% melihat bobot akhir jaringan
BobotAkhir_Input = net.IW{1,1};
BobotAkhir_Bias_Input = net.b{1,1};
BobotAkhir_Lapisan1 = net.LW {2,1};
BobotAkhir_Bias_Lapisan = net.b {2,1};
%simulasi terhadap data pelatihan
an = sim(net,pn);
a = poststd (an,meant,stdt);
H = [(1:size(P,2))' T' a' (T'-a')];
sprintf('%2d %9.2f %7.2f %5.2f\n',H')
%Evaluasi output jaringan (data pelatihan dengan target)
[m1,a1,r1] = postreg (a,T);
plot (1:size(P,2),T,'bo',1:size(P,2),a','r*');
title('Hasil pengujian dengan data pelatihan Target (o), Output (*)');
xlabel('Data ke-');
In addition, please guide me, sincerely Yours Een Qurota Aini
Een Qurota Aini
Een Qurota Aini on 7 Oct 2013
Edited: Een Qurota Aini on 7 Oct 2013
P=[MeanR MeanG MeanB sR sG sB kR kG kB SkR SkG SkB];
T=[-1 0 1];
sR=Deviation Standart from RGB Value R
sG=Deviation Standart from RGB Value G
sB=Deviation Standart from RGB Value B
kR=Kurtosis from RGB value R
kG=Kurtosis from RGB value G
kB=Kurtosis from RGB value B
SkR=Skewness from RGB value R
SkG=Skewness from RGB value G
SkB-Skewness from RGB value B
What is the mean oneQ??

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