How to lengthen a boxcar filter?

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Maria Amr
Maria Amr on 28 Jun 2021
Commented: Yazan on 1 Jul 2021
Hello eveyone, I appreciated any help.
I have applied a first difference filter and a boxcar(rect filter) to my signal but it is not working. I should lengthen the spikes so as to smooth the original signal. For example, instead of (1,-1) I should apply something like (.2,.2,.2,.2,.2,-.2,-.2,-2.,-.2,-.2). Would you please direct me how should design it? Thank you in advance!
My previous code are:
% Boxcar Filter
Ts = 0.0006096; % sampling interval
T = 1; % Time 1 Sec ,
fs=1/Ts; % sampling frequency
N=4701; % 1/2 f
t=-N*Ts:Ts:(N-1)*Ts; % boxcar length
x1 = rectpuls(t, T);
and for First difference filter is:
y = filter([1,-1],1,x); % x is my signal
Yazan on 1 Jul 2021
Why don't you just linearly interpolate, then introduces losses in the amplitude?
loss = 0.2;
y = loss * interp1([t(1), t(2)], [1 -1], t);

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