how to design a form that pops up in a dialog box.

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the form consists of questions like "what is your name:" please let me know the code!
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Jan on 12 Sep 2013
This is a very vague answer only. It is not clear, what you mean by "form", what you have tried so far and which problems occurred. How could we create code which matches your needs then? When should the form pop up? Do you use GUIDE or create the GUI by a program?

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Answers (2)

Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 11 Sep 2013
Have you looked in the File Exchange, at the 41 Example GUI contributions?
Jan on 12 Sep 2013
Click on the link "FileExchange" on this page. Then insert the terms "41 Example GUI" in the search field. You will find Matt Fig's excellent examples for creating GUIs.

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Image Analyst
Image Analyst on 12 Sep 2013
For something simple like that, I use inputdlg(). Look in the help for useful examples, like:
prompt = {'Enter matrix size:','Enter colormap name:'};
dlg_title = 'Input';
num_lines = 1;
def = {'20','hsv'};
answer = inputdlg(prompt,dlg_title,num_lines,def);


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