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how to draw classification response of machine learning model ? (Ex. Logistic Regression Response)

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BHVAIN MEHTA on 5 Jul 2021
Answered: Ive J on 6 Jul 2021
I am working on classification learner for machine learning. I found various plots in app. But i want to see the classification response ex. Linear svm or cubic svm as a graphical form. How to visualise it ??

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Ive J
Ive J on 6 Jul 2021
You can plot predicted probabilities from a logisitc regression model:
y = randi([0, 1], 1000, 1);
x = randn(1000, 1);
mdl = fitglm(x, y, 'Distribution', 'binomial', 'Link', 'logit');
xNew = randn(1000, 1);
yNew = mdl.predict(xNew);
plot(xNew, yNew, '.', 'MarkerSize', 4)
Similarly, you can apply predict to other models (SVM etc) to get the predicted response.

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