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MATLAB inverts colors in uicontrol objects

Asked by Zoltán Csáti on 15 Sep 2013

I wrote a GUI application but my problem is that when I save the figure programatically using the saveas command, colors of the uicontrol objects seem to be inverted. The MATLAB Documentation says that inversion only applies to figures, not uicontrols. But here it is not the case. Does anybody have an idea?




should be 'off' instead of 'false'

Sorry try 'off' instead of 'false'

I tried it but failed. I mean the colour of the uicontrol objects were converted to light green instead of grey. Could you please try my saveAs function on your machine with a custom figure with a pushbutton on it? Perhaps you will exactly know what I'm thinking of. Thank you for your help so far.

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