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How to find x y coordinates of detected blobs

Asked by Nuwan Dassanayake on 16 Sep 2013

Dear All,

Do you know how to find the center coordinate of a blob. That means after detected blobs i need to assign variables to that blob locations.


2 Answers

Answer by Image Analyst
on 16 Sep 2013
 Accepted answer

You need to ask regionprops for the Centroid or Weighted Centroid. See my Image Segmentation Tutorial for an example: Image Analyst's File Exchange It does exactly that.


Answer by Nuwan Dassanayake on 16 Sep 2013

Dear Image Analyst Thank You very much for help!


Image analyst, I have tried to do something like this but it is not working! What is wrong with my program?

              Thank you very much for your help!
 xy = stats(16).Centroid;

x = xy(:,1);

y = xy(:,2);

if(45<xy(:,1)<40) && (50<xy(:,2)<55)



I cant get expected value ,it displays values outside the range also!

You can't do things like a<x<b you need to do (a<x) && (x<b) .

Thank You Sir It has worked !

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