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How to shift all the pixels position by a specific function and recreate the image of shifted pixel values?

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c1ph3r on 8 Jul 2021
Commented: Jonas on 10 Jul 2021
The image need to be used is in grayscale and how to create a block of 2x2 using the pixels. How can we implement the below process? Let k0,K1.. be some radom alphanumbers.

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Jonas on 9 Jul 2021
for the shifting have a look into circshift() which allows you to shift all elements by specific amounts along x and y.
for the block processing there is the function blockproc()
Jonas on 10 Jul 2021
that was not clear to me, i thought the K were random, but constant values that the same for all pixels. what about pixel locations to which multiple pixels are assigned (are the values summed then?)? and what about pixels to which no pixel is transformed, are those 0?

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